Young, talented and motivated, the new generation is raising the environmental awareness.

It was that time of the year again, when the hydropower station was buzzing from children from Vau i Dejes and Mjede high schools.

They proudly presented they regular environmental projects to the managing directors of HPP Ashta.

This year they did come with an inspiring idea, taking creative pictures and drawing environmental related messages which were then put into yearly wall calendars.

The design and printing of the calendars were supported by the project company Energji Ashta, while the children will sell them at a symbolic price to the inhabitants of each belonging community. The initiative is expected to spread the awareness across local families and businesses and help raise the concern at a wider outreach. The incomes generated from selling the calendars will be used by each school to buy new plants for the respective school yards.

In his awarding speech the managing director of the project company Energji Ashta, Mr. Dietmar Reiner underlined the company’s commitment to continue developing the environmental project with the schools. He openly expressed his wish for the students to intensify their role in protecting their environment and cherishing the wonderful nature they are surrounded by.

At the end of the ceremony both managing directors, Mr. Dietmar Reiner and Mr. Peter Stelzer awarded two symbolic cheques to the schools, worth one thousand Euros each. As every year the awards will contribute in improving the identified needs in each of the participating school.