Energji ASHTA, SIGAL and representatives test their physical skills

Energji Ashta, SIGAL and representatives of the region met in Shkodra in order to test their

physical and mental fitness.

In Austria and its core markets Verbund is known for its sustainable business policy and vital

engagement for its employees. The company is convinced that its staff is vital to a healthy

economic growth and is committed to ensure healthy working conditions for all of its

employees in every country.

In Albania Austrian UNIQA group cooperates with SIGAL who has managed to have a

roadshow with the fully equipped Health Truck all over Albania. In Shkodra the truck’s insights

have been tested by the representatives of Energji Ashta, Dietmar Reiner together with SIGAL

owner Avni Ponari and – among others – the prefect of Shkodra Maxhid Cungu and the mayor

of Bushat Zef Hila.

All of the participants and “fitness testers”are convinced that this initiative of SIGAL is an

important activity to raise people’s awareness for their physical and mental fitness. This must

be a major interest for politicians and employers.

Energji Ashta Managing Director Dietmar Reiner: “As company and as employer we cannot

only focus on our employees’ performance and output. We also have to make sure that we

support his fitness and social wellbeing. On the long run this is an important contribution to

economic success.”