Energji Ashta supports SHKODRA JAZZFEST

Energji Ashta is proudly supporting one of the biggest cultural events of the northern region, SHKODRA JAZZFEST 2010, which is becoming a very important event, part of the jazz scene all over Albania and Mediterranean area.

Energji Ashta chose SHKODRA JAZZFEST 2010 with the aim of being a close partner for the region and local community, where HPP Ashta is being constructed.

The festival will also create a cultural interaction of various nations including countries already present in this festival, but also enhance tourist interest on the territory.

Energji Ashta, a project company of Verbund and EVN, is constructing a world innovation in Albania: the largest matrix power plant using small turbines. The power plant will be constructed close to the village of Ashta, in the commune of Bushat, Shkoder. Until 2012 “Energji Ashta will build a more than 50-MW-strong hydropower plant with an investment of € 200 million.

After starting the construction works in March 2010, the Ashta HPP project is meeting all of its milestones in order to be able to generate from 2012 clean energy for more than 100 000 Albanian households – contributing thus to secure the energy supply of Albania.

Managing Director of Energji Ashta, Dietmar Reiner, points out: “- Our aim is not just to concentrate on the construction of the HPP, but also to support the regional and local community in various aspects. One of the very important aspects is opening new jobs and provide the region with clean energy. Certainly another important aspect is to contribute to the culture, therefore we are proud to offer our support to SHKODRA JAZZFEST this year. We look forward to further cooperation with the local community of the northern region of Albania in future.”

The festival dates are 11 – 12 June and more information can be found in http://www.shkodrajazz.com .