Energji Ashta donates an ambulance car to the Municipality of Bushat

Energji Ashta donates an ambulance car to the Municipality of Bushat keeping its promise of being a reliable partner and neighbor for the local community. HPP Ashta is the most important renewable energy investment in the last two decades in Albania. The company is supplying the state owned KESH and subsequently more than 100.000 households with clean domestic energy since 01.04.2013. The construction of this state of the art hydropower plant secures uninterrupted energy supply for Albania, decreasing considerably the imports of energy from abroad. Energji Ashta has thus become a serious and professional partner of the Albanian Government and KESH. Energji Ashta and its shareholders VERBUND AG and EVN AG have demonstrated to be reliable partners especially in this difficult time in the Albanian energy sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Energji Ashta has donated today an ambulance car to the Municipality of Bushat, which will take advantage of a comfortable medical vehicle. Present during this handover ceremony, Dietmar Reiner Managing Director of Energji Ashta said:”It is of great satisfaction that Energji Ashta donates today an ambulance car to the Municipality of Bushat. We have built this outstanding hydropower plant which has turned Albania into a technology landmark, opened new jobs and given a positive impulse to the local economy. We take our responsibility for the community serious. The new ambulance car will make medical help easier and faster available for the people living in the Bushat area”. This municipality operates a local hospital which will be positively impacted by this donation especially be ensuring a quick reaction and medical treatment for the inhabitants of the Commune of Bushat and employees of Energji Ashta in case of need. A high consideration to the environment has always been one of the fundaments of the project since the start of construction of the powerplant. HPP Ashta is the only hydro power plant in Albania with a state of the art fish migration system that allows fishes to swim from the Adriatic Sea up to the Spathara reservoir. The new fish pass is installed for the first time since the 70ies of the 20th century. To be able to maintain the highest environmental standards HPP Ashta furthermore has implemented an exhaustive environmental monitoring program to monitor the influence on the nature. These very professional service are delivered by the Energji Ashta staff which is constituted only by Albanians. Currently Energji Ashta is collaborating closely with the local schools of the Vaui Dejes Commune in developing an environmental awareness project aiming at increasing the local awareness on the environment and the way it influences their life and wellbeing. At the end of this activity on May 27, each school will be awarded with a financial amount that will be spent to fulfill their needs. Energji Ashta also entered into a partnership with the Austrian school “Peter Mahringer”by supporting the pupils in paying their annual scholarship and offering the opportunity for an internship exclusively for pupils from this school. Energji Ashta is very proud to support the education sector as it has already demonstrated in the past. In February 2011, the company granted to two pupils of the Austrian School a scholarship of EUR 720 for one school year to each. In the month of October of the same year Energji Ashta organized a drawing competition with the participation of nine schools from the municipalities of Bushat and Vau i Dejës. After an enormous response : 139 paintings were drawn from more than 100 kids, the company awarded three prizes for a total of 3500 Euros to the three winning schools which spent the money in different infrastructural items depending on their needs. Back in May 2013 Energji Ashta donated ten used Notebooks to "Preke Cali" Elementary school in the Commune of Bushat. The school is one of the many buildings which were heavily affected by the flooding of the beginning of 2010. During this occurrence all computers were damaged and the computer lessons were lectured only theoretically.