Energji ashta invests in the education of two pupils from the austrian school

Pursuant to its commitment to investing in the education sector in the community close to HPP Ashta, the project company Energji Ashta formalized today its initiative to support two students of the Austrian School “Peter Mahringer” in Shkodra. DietmarRigner, Managing Director of Energji Ashta and GerlindeTagini, director of the Austrian School “Peter Mahringer” signed today an agreement based on which Energji Ashta engages in paying the annual scholarship for two pupils of the Austrian School. The selection of the pupils benefiting of the scholarship shall be made by the Austrian School based on creations of academic results and/or need of financial aid.

The agreement foresees that the pupils benefiting of the scholarship shall be invited to visit the Ashta HPP premises once a year in order to learn on the operation of the hydro power plants which complies also with the technical profile of the Austrian school. Energji Ashta shall further sponsor the educational activities of the Austrian School through the organization on a case to case basis, of summer training programs for pupils of the Austrian School (internship).