HPP Ashta is visited in the framework of the International Conference “Green Energy and Environmental Science in Albania

The Albanian partner of “Green Partnerships”(A project financed from the European Regional Development Fund), the Agricultural University of Tirana has organized on December 1st-2nd 2014 the international conference “Green Energy and Environmental Science in Albania”. In the second day of the conference, the relevant participants of the activity visited HPP Ashta. The participants was also welcomed to participate to a presentation on “Revisiting Hydropower Development Plans owing to Environmental Considerations: the case of Ashta Hydro Power”. The presentation underlined again the advantages of the project from an environmental perspective. The construction of HPP Ashta marks an important milestone for a sustainable development of the energy sector in Albania. The project proved that there are feasible solutions for balancing the need of conservation with development priorities. This success was particularly achieved due to the involvement of foreign assistance with highest environmental standards, and the introduction of new domestic laws on environmental protection and environmental impact assessment.