Minister of Energy visit to HPP Ashta

Damian Gjiknuri, the Albanian Energy minister, visited Energji Ashta hydro power plant in Ashta


The hydro power plant Ashta on the river Drin in northern Albania is a world innovation: It is the biggest power plant in the world to feature hydro-matrix technology. These small turbines – roughly the size of a telephone box – enable an especially efficient utilization of water. After a brief construction period of little more than 30 months HPP Ashta was opened in September 2012. From 2013 onwards the electricity generated is being fed into the Albanian 110-kV grid. HPP Ashta produces annually 240 million kWh of electricity.


Today, the Albanian energy minister Damian Gjiknuri visited the plant for the first time. During the visit in the power plant he said that HPP Ashta is a positive example for international cooperation. More than 200 million Euros have been invested to build a hydro power plant with the highest standards of quality, environmental protection and safety. “I am deeply impressed with the efficiency of the innovative technology as well as with the ecological standards and the professionalism of the Energji Ashta team.

I want to thank Energji Ashta and its two Austrian founding companies VERBUND and EVN for their true partnership even in challenging times.”


Energji Ashta is following with great interest the reform of the energy market in Albania and is supporting the government´s efforts for creating a sustainable market based model for private investors in the generation of electricity.


Dietmar Reiner, Energji Ashta’s managing director thanked the minister for setting the right measures to stimulate the Albanian energy market and enabling improved cooperation between all partners. „After some difficulties in the beginning we are working very well with the Albanian Power Corporation KESH”, claims Reiner.„Today, we are very proud to say that HPP Ashta supplies 100,000 Albanian households with clean hydro power electricity!