Energji Ashta turns on the festive lights

This year end has been particularly bright for the city of Shkodra.

BID Shkodra (Bussiness Improvement District – BID) in association with main sponsors like the Albanin American Development  Foundation, Energji Ashta and Bashkia Shkoder celebrated on December 19, 2015 “Shend e Vere Dritash”(Light Festival). To increase the attractiveness of the area a lot of cultural activities were organized. “Shend’ e Verë Dritash”started at 17:30 with switching on all the decoration lights by the Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs. Voltana Ademi, fireworks, live music, DJ up to 21:00.

People from all over the city and visitors were invited to attend the celebration, which featured live music by renowned artists as: Eugjen Gargjola(violin, guitar, percussion), Jozefina Simoni (vocalist), Eclesio Ramos (brazilian vocalist), Antonio Fierza (piano), Mark Ujka (guitar), Jetmir Mesi(percussion), Albert Ujka (Bas), Rodolf Ceklijaj (trumpet),Ilsi Ademi (Singer), Ketlin Pjalmi (singer, presenter)

“Shend’ e Verë Dritash”celebration, has highly contributed to create a jolly atmosphere in Shkodra, by warmly welcoming  people to celebrate  and to take pictures in the decorated area.

Energji Ashta continues to prove itself as a valuable neighbor and a supportive partner for the northern city community.