For the fourth consecutive year Energji Ashta and the local schools stand up for the environment

Since 2013 Energji Ashta works very close with the local communities to help raise awareness in regard to waste management and environment protection. The most active members of the community, the children of the local schools of Mjede and Vau i Dejes are the most valuable contributors to spread the messages the company seeks to share.


It has been the fourth year in row that they have been invited to engage in different projects where they have the opportunity to showcase their perspectives on the matter.

This year they were especially creative, they realized a short movie where earth was treating its inhabitants the same way they treat it.

The message they wanted to deliver was clear, people are paying for what they have inseminated through the years with their careless behavior and greedy exploitation.

As it has become a custom, both schools were awarded one thousand Euros cheques that will be spent on much needed school materials.