Bright days are ahead!

Energji Ashta school project
Ashta, 6 June 2018
It’s already been the fifth consecutive year that children from the local schools of Mjede and Vau i Dejës get together with the management and employees of Energji Ashta to showcase their concerns for the environment and their vision for a cleaner future.
This year the pupils had a strong message and they voiced it in interviews with their fellow citizens. In the pupil’s view it is adults who are mainly responsible people for littering and pollution. 
A series of interviews were conducted in both villages addressing worries and problems, delivering suggestions and solutions. 
These personal engagements were a statement of the rising awareness of the younger generations to crucial issues like health and the environment, making thus the company proud for supporting these initiatives. The children are inspired to continue bringing the cause further and demanding actions from all responsible parties. 
As every year this project is supported by Energji Ashta, which has a special focus on education, health and environment.  
At the end of the screening both schools were awarded with the yearly 1000 Euros worth cheques. The amount will be used to cover different school infrastructure needs. 
Energji Ashta is committed to continue being a lead model in terms of environmental standards not only for the local community but also for the energy sector.