Ten years since the signing of the concssionary contract PRS EA 06062018

• Celebrating the 10-years-partnership to provide Albania with clean and renewable energy
• 10th anniversary of the concessionary contract and 5th anniversary of the energy production
2018 is a year of celebrations for Energji Ashta. Ten years ago, in the midst of an energy crisis the leading Austrian energy companies VERBUND and EVN signed a contract with the Albanian government to build a modern hydro-power plant on the River Drin, in northern Albania to supply Albanian households with clean and reliable energy. 
In 2013, after a brief construction period of little more than 30 months, this promise came true with the final completion of HPP Ashta when the energy produced at the hydro-powerplant Ashta was fed into the Albanian 110-kV grid for the first time.  Since then HPP Ashta has produced 1.247.876,1 MWh of renewable energy marking it‘s monthly record production peak during the abundant rainfalls of April 2018. 
 „The Ashta hydro-powerplant gives economic impulses for the region and contributes largely to a renewable and reliable energy-supply fort he Albanian people. It is the one of the most successfull concessionary hydropower project in Albania and employs the highest standards of quality, environmental protection and safety“, said the energy Minister, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri.  
 „Today, we are happy and proud to celebrate our 10-years-partnership with Albania!“, states Günther Rabensteiner, Chief Operating Officer of VERBUND. „HPP Ashta  supplies clean and reliable electricity to more than 100,000 Albanian households. It is a vivid example of a successful partnership and a milestone for the future of energy in Albania!“
HPP Ashta is one of the most successful concessionary contract in Albania and a close partner to the local communities both in economic and environmental terms. The project company has 25 full time employees and lists as much as 39 contracts with local suppliers contributing significantly in an area historically impacted from long term unemployment and low incomes. 
The state of the art run of river power plant employs innovative technology:  90 HydroMatrix® turbines efficiently utilize 100% of the water provided from  the Drin river.  
The trash rack machine has been able to collect more than 960 tons of waste out of the River Drin, which would have ended up in the Adriatic Sea. Ashta HPP allows fishes to swim from the Adriatic sea up to the Spathara reservoir via the new fish pass installed at the HPP for the first time since the 70ies of the 20th century – this is the first fish pass installed at a hydroelectric power station in Albania at all. Ashta HPP is really favorable to the environment – energy is produced without any air pollution saving around 114,000 tons of CO2 per year. These figures have been acknowledged by the United Nations Framework for Climate Change (UNFCC).
This successful partnership between Albania and the Austrian investors grow even stronger as the company is engaged to play an active role in the community, providing yearly funds to the local schools through creative projects that aim at raising awareness for environment protection against littering and pollution and its health related issues. 
Energji Ashta is looking forward to the future of energy in Albania with its local partners!
Energji Ashta brings light into your lives!