Energji Ashta gifts end of the year present to the neighboring schools

Mjedë/ Vau i Dejës

December 20, 2021


As the year 2021 comes to an end, Energji Ashta decided to surprise its neighboring schools of Mjede and Vau i Dejes with a present with the hope it will bring joy and hope to the affected communities. Each school was gifted with 1000.- euros which will be spent in school equipment and other necessities.


In these unparalleled times it is necessary to spread a message of support but at the same time encourage every student to achieve more. We want to support the schools in improving their premises and increasing their capacities because we believe in fair studying opportunities toward a sustainable future for all children.

Energji Ashta supports the local schools since 2011 and is committed to be a reliable partner for the local community.