Energji Ashta’s Annual Commitment: Empowering Education and Environmental Initiative

As another year is drawing to a close, Energji Ashta continued its commitment to supporting neighboring schools, specifically those in HPP Ashta’s vicinity.

As the year concluded, Energji Ashta convened with the familiar faces from the middle schools of Mjede and Vau i Dejës, renewing bonds formed over the years. The focus of the discussions was on environmental challenges and effective strategies to address them.

Both teachers and students actively participated in lively conversations aimed at making a positive impact on the environment. They seized the opportunity to showcase the various initiatives undertaken to promote environmental awareness.

In recognition of their dedication, Energji Ashta proudly presented each school with an annual award of 1,000 Euros. These funds will be utilized to address the specific needs of each school, contributing to their ongoing efforts.

Energji Ashta, the project company owned by VERBUND and EVN, takes immense pleasure in its annual contribution. The company is dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on the conditions and educational experiences of both schools.”